Chris Pratt is the first to be slimed after winning Favorite Butt-Kicker at the Kids’ Choice Awards

Chris Pratt took home the orange blimp on Saturday at the Kid’s Choice Awards for his performance in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

But the 39-year-old actor got a sticky surprise when he was blasted with slime while accepting his award. 

The fiancé of Katherine Schwarzenegger dressed simply for the family-friendly awards spectacular. 

He had on a tasteful tan suit over a stylish navy blue shirt covered in white dots.

Luckily, he ditched the tie for the casual event, because it would have only been one more casualty of the surprise slime blast.

It’s such an honor to be among that great list of butt-kickers,’ he said while accepting the blimp. 

The Parks And Recreation star said a quick hello to his six-year-old son Jack, who was watching the show at home. Chris shares him with his ex-wife, Anna Faris, 42. The two were married from 2009-2018.

‘I’ve always loved the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards because there’s a lot of fun, and there’s a lot of slime and a lot of big stars,’ he continued.

Chris started another round of thank yous when a blast of slime from the front of the stage.

He paused momentarily in shock after getting blasted with the thick green glop.

‘It’s still worth it!’ he shouted, hoisting the trophy up for everyone to see.

It wasn’t the end for the Guardians Of The Galaxy star, who managed to keep his head above the slime. He got an even larger blast that covered every inch of his body.

After being thoroughly doused, the Avengers star posed backstage with SNL veteran Jason Sudeikis, who helped present the Butt-Kicker honor.

He also got a few towels to help clean off the slime, though the task looked like it would require something more heavy duty.

There’s a good chance Chris will be getting another nomination for next year’s show thanks to his role in Avengers: Endgame, the conclusion to the current round of Marvel films.

The final chapter will be released nationwide on April 26. 

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