Chris Pratt said where he met his wife

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are already married. A movie star recently revealed where he met his young wife.

In early June, the media rumored that Chris Pratt was standing on the wedding carpet for the second time. The actor already had a marriage with Anna Faris. Although they had a son, Jacek. Their relationship did not stand the test of time. They divorced in October 2018.

However, love in the actor’s life reappeared. His second wife is Katherine Schwarzenegger. This is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter.

The romantic ceremony was held in Montecito, California. The wedding reception was generous. But it was intended only for family and close friends. Shortly after the ceremony, Chris Pratt posted a beautiful photo of Katherine on her social media profile. Formally announcing that they became husband and wife.

The couple decided to marry a year after the meeting. In June of last year, his first joint photos of the vacation trip appeared on social media. In January, the actor had already announced that his lover had accepted his marriage proposal. And a few months later they got married.

Not only love, but also common values ​​united the actor and his lover. The actor showed in a recent interview that faith has a very important place in his life. He didn’t meet Catherine by chance in the church.

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